Privacy Policy

This carbon calculator for websites is a open source project for the benefit of the community. The objective is to  help raise awareness of the carbon footprint and the environmental impact of websites. 

With this purpose:

Information submitted to our carbon calculator form (web address and also page views) are stored in an accessible database.
We use the information submitted to estimate the yearly carbon emissions of the said website and any other metrics that we can derive regarding its environmental impact. 

The information published on this website, including data regarding the environmental impact of specific websites, is free for the public to use.

Google Analytics platform is used to gather data about the number of users of this carbon calculator website, their location and the devices used, in order to help us improve performance of the website and to make it better tool.

Information sent via our contact forms and our email system are stored so that we can respond to your queries if any. Only those on the Eco-Friendly Web Alliance team will have access to it who can help with your inquiry.

Should you wish for us to completely delete all information that we hold about your website that is not otherwise publicly available, or if you have any other queries regarding privacy, please contact us via email at

Eco-Friendly Web Alliance Ltd is incorporated in England and Wales.
Company No: 13749776