• How does this carbon calculator work?
    Please check the page ‘How does it work?’ Please note that a more accurate calculator, version 2 to be released in the near future. EFWA supports our industry peers’ work on researching and developing an up-to-date unified approach.
  • The tests does not work on my website, why?
    Our carbon calculator may not sometimes read certain website addresses. Potential reasons are:
    • The full web address is not entered. Please copy and paste full URL from address bar.
    • Very slow websites and tests time out.
    • Routing issues in your DNS settings, so we can’t load the page to test.
    Please check your website’s load times and DNS settings.
  • Are there other carbon calculators for websites?
    Website Carbon at www.websitecarbon.com is a tool that is recommended. We support a collective effort by our industry peers on researching, developing and maintaining an up-to-date approach to calculating a website's emissions. Website Emissions is a free tool available to the public (an updated version 2 to be released in the near future).
  • Are these test results public?
    Yes, when you test your website using this tool, it generates a public report with the results. We cannot test pages protected by a password or on a local server.
  • Can you remove my test results?
    If you have submitted a test and do not want the results to be made public, or if you accidentally tested a private development website address and need to remove the public results page, please contact us via email and we will remove the record as soon as it is reasonably possible. If you tested a public url, the results won't be deleted.
  • Can my website be certified?
    Eco-Friendly Web Alliance is on a mission to prevent 500,000 tonnes of CO2 entering the atmosphere by 2030 by helping websites across the world become greener.  An eco-friendly website — one that emits less than 1 gram of CO2.  A website as at least 50% less carbon than the average website which is around 2 grams of CO2 per page view.